Modern System Programming: Next Generation Operating Systems and Development Tools

Join Open Lecture about Modern System Programming, arranged by Huawei Russian Research Institute. Speaker: Vladimir Rubanov 

Наука 16+

Huawei open lecture in MIPT: Modern System Programming: Next Generation Operating Systems and Development Tools (13.11.2019)

Speaker: Vladimir Rubanov | CTO for Software Engineering at Russian Huawei R&D and the leader of Operating Systems Lab. His former experience included executive and technical leadership positions at Rosplatforma, Virtuozzo (Parallels Group), ROSA (Russian Operating Systems and Applications) and ISPRAS (Institute for System Programming of the Russian Academy of Sciences).

We live in the fast changing world — in the next decade we will become even more integrated with the numerous devices around us, on us and inside us. But all these devices will be managed by software and the most important part of the software is system software – the hidden part of the “iceberg” that actually enables everything else to work – operating systems, core algorithms, network stack, graphics engines, development tools. This talk will present Huawei’s vision on the next generation of such technologies that will “drive the world” in 2020s.

Benefits for students:

  • opportunity to communicate with experts 
  • Good gifts, e.g. Huawei mini speaker,Huawei band etc.
  • Internship opportunity in Huawei R&D
  • Information about Huawei scholarship application procedure

 A coffee break will be organized for the participants of the event.

The lecture will take place at 110 room, Applied Mathematics Building, Pervomayskaya 3, MIPT, Dolgoprudny, start at 18:30. 

For questions, contact Xiaonan at

Prepared by Huawei Russian Research Institute.


1417 дней назад
13 ноября 2019 18:30–20:30

МФТИ, г. Долгопрудный, Первомайская ул., 3., 110 аудитория
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